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SunBeam Technologies introduces

SunBeam Technologies introduces world number #01 technology to the Sri Lankan Renewable Energy market and keeps on improving technology in parallel with global innovative advancements.

European made solar inverter - Fronius is the leader in global market and the same technology follower in china while Solis is the most popular brand within the world Renewable Energy market. SunBeam Technologies directly imports above leading solar equipment’s with trust and guarantee.

easy to use

It's safe compared to electricity


Net Accounting

In this system, if that particular customer’s production exceeds his consumption, the customer will be paid. If the constumption is greater than he generated, the consumer has to pay for the excess electricity consumed.


Net Metering

In this system, if that particular customer”s production exceeds his consumotion, he can bring forward the balance and consume it in the months forthcoming.


Net Pluss

The customer has to pay for the electricity consumed according to the existing tariff. Electricity board will pay for the total amount of electricity he generates.


You can ZERO your Electricity Bill or you can EARN extra income. You are least impacted with increased electricity bills in future.


Contribute towards Protecting the Environment by reducing your carbon footprint & ZERO Emission.


Enjoy more luxuries of life with unrestricted electricity.


Engaged with World's Best Technologies & Most Experienced Solar Power & Renewable Energy & Battery Backups Specialists in Sri Lanka.

SunBeam Technology (Pvt) Ltd is a dynamic, passionate and a rapidly growing corporate entity that is diversified in to multiple business sectors in Sri Lanka. The company is dedicated to achieve professional excellence by ensuring highest value addition to the customers.

Introducing Latest technology in manufacturing high performance solar Inverters & modules, SunBeam Technology (Pvt) Ltd have built the reputation of being one of the prospering solar service providers in the growing market in Sri Lanka. we have been committed in providing quality, reliable and cost- effective solar solutions, adding value and excellence to consumers across the island.

SunBeam Technology (Pvt) Ltd works collaborating with clients to develop best suited solar solutions that address their specific needs while educating the general public on the subject of ‘Sun Energy Concept’. Considering ‘Total customer satisfaction’ as the bedrock of our philosophy and business strategy, we aim to be a trusted partner for our clients, having been recognized for our performance and achievements which we consider as strong investment in the journey of SunBeam Technology.

We are APPROVED by the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SLSEA), Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) and Lanka Electricity Company (Private) Limited (LECO).

We follow the SLSI 1522 standards in all our installations and ensure that the highest quality standard is maintained.

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